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Committee 2024/25




AGE - 20
FROM -Cheshire

STUDYING - Chemistry
AIM FOR 2024/25 - To get more promotions and play lots of great hockey.
BEST NULHC MEMORY - BUCS promotion vs Northumbria and celebrating after with all my team!

WHY JOIN NULHC? - I have made some of my best friends through the club. The whole community is such a pleasure to be part of.

A message from our President

I am thrilled to take on a leading role in our club this year, building on the incredible success we’ve achieved over the past five years. Our club’s legacy of excellence is something we all take pride in, and I am committed to ensuring we reach even greater heights in the coming year.


Aims for the Club:

Promoting Team Success: This year, I am aiming for more promotions across our teams. I believe our club is deserving of these advancements and has the potential to achieve them. By appointing two captains for each team, we can better address welfare, inclusivity, team and individual attitudes, attendance, and the enjoyment of each member. This dual leadership approach will help us create a supportive and thriving team environment.

Strengthening Alumni Ties: Another key focus is to improve our connections with alumni. Effective communication and stronger ties with our former members can lead to invaluable opportunities for mentorship, networking, and support. I hope we can foster a sense of community and continuity between current and past members, by hearing the successes of our alumni. 


Widening Our Reach: I am also keen to widen the reach of the club through the number of members. By implementing a social team, we can accommodate less committed players and new members who are exploring their interest in the club. This allows new freshers to dip their toes in before making a full commitment, and provides current members with heavy university workloads the flexibility to remain involved without the pressure of attending every game. This initiative aims to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Increasing Corporate Connections: One of my goals is to secure more increase the corporate involvement in the club this year. I firmly believe that engaging with businesses is crucial for our club’s growth. Not only will this boost our profile, but it will also provide essential support for our activities and initiatives, ensuring the club’s success for years to come. Moreover, strong business partnerships will lend a professional edge to our club, enhancing our reputation and reach.


Together, let’s make this year one of the most successful and memorable in our club’s history. NULHC is such an amazing club to be a part of. Looking forward to the 2024/25 season!



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