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Meet The Teams

NULHC runs 7 teams, of which 6 compete in in the BUCS League as well as all playing in the Saturday Leagues. All teams play at a high standard and are very competitive. Our 1st team lead the way and are competing at the highest league level in BUCS National League and are also in the England Hockey National League, Conference North. Over the past 6 years the Club has amassed an incredible 22 league promotions and 4 cup finals as well as wining the AU Sports Awards for 2023 as Club of the Year and also Team of the Year for our incredible Womens 1's. The Womens 1s also won the Big BUCS Wednesday Vase 2024!


1st XI


We are in the Women's Conference North League on a Saturday, where we finished 5th, having just been promoted into the National League the previous year. This year we want to push ourselves again and be promoted to Division1. Last season we won the Big BUCS Wednesday Vase, one of the biggest accomplishments for NULHC over the past year. We can't wait to start the 2024/25 season! 

Captains: Hattie Snell & El Milbourn
Coach: Craig Togher 

Monday: Strength & Conditioning 07:00-08:00 
Monday: Pitch Session  19:00-20:30 

Thursday: Strength & Conditioning 16:00-17:00pm
Friday: Pitch session 17.30-19.00 
Leagues: BUCS National League and National league Conference North. 


4th XI

3rd XI

3 XI

Captain: Anna Wilkinson & Olivia Borchard
Coach: Chris Brunton 

Monday: Alternating Pitch Session 17:30-19:00/19.00-20.30/20.30-22.00 

Thursday: Pitch session 19:30-21:00 

Friday: Strength & Conditioning 08.00am - 09.00am 
Leagues: BUCS Northern 2B & Yorkshire and North East Women's Division 1


4 XI


Captains: Lottie Holmes & Georgia Davies
Coach: TBC

Tuesday: Alternating Pitch Session 17:30-19:00/19.30-20:30/20:30-222:00

Thursday: Pitch session 18:00-19:30
Leagues: BUCS Northern 3B & Yorkshire and North East Women's division 1


The 4s play alongside the 3s on a Saturday and train twice a week.

Our aim for this coming season is a promotion in BUCS and retain our Saturday League position. We intend to maintain a friendly and welcoming environment to everyone who plays for us. We have fun but we also like to win!


2nd XI

Captain: Izzy Thomas & Millie Armond
Coach: Chris Brunton and Craig Togher 
Monday: Alternating Pitch Session 17:30-19:00/19.00-20.30/20.30-22.00
Thursday: Pitch Session 19:30-21:00
Friday: Strength & Conditioning 08.00am - 09.00am 
Leagues: BUCS Northern 2B and Yorkshire & North East Premier Division


This season we retained our place in Saturday League. For the upcoming season we are generally aiming for a positive vibe in the team with everyone working to their best for themselves and for the wider team.


Captain: Lizzy Hill & Jemima Goddardd
Coach: TBC

Tuesday: Alternating pitch session 17:30 -19:00/19:00-20:30/20:30-22:00 
League: BUCS Northern 4B and North East Division 1 - following a double promotion in 2023 

5th XI


Last season we made it to the semi-finals of the BUCS Northern Conference Cup and hope to win it this year. We are a fun and friendly team, and love a Wednesday night out social together! For the 24/25 season we are hoping to have more success in both leagues and the cup, whilst still having a fab and fun time. 

6th XI

Captain: Lauren Woolger & Kristen Davies

Coach: TBC


Tuesday: Alternating pitch session 17:30-19:00/19:00-20:30/20:30-22:00

League: BUCS Northern 4B & North East Division 2


The 6s won BUCS promotion last year moving them into Northern Tier 4 for the new season. They are staying in the Yorkshire and North East Division 2 on a Saturday but are aiming for a promotion this season!


7th XI

Captains: Skye Mills 

Coach: TBC 

Training: Tuesday: Alternating pitch session 17:30-19:00/19:00-20:30/20:30-22:00

League: North East Division 3 Tyne 


The 7s play on a Saturday in Yorkshire & North East League. This past season they finished 2nd in the league, which was a massive achievement as it was the first proper season for the ladies 7s. This year we aim to continue this great success and finish 1st in the league to be promoted! 

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